L Shaped Sectionals & U Shaped Sectionals Dominate 2020

L shaped sectionals and u shaped sectionals are a big trend in 2020 due to COVID and people spending more time at home. People love their flexible, . Large family houses often accommodate many guests and corner sofas are ideal for social occasions and family celebrations, as most 6-8 people, depending on size, can be accommodated quite comfortably. These are ideal to make a statement in the middle of the room and fill a comfortable cave for maximum seating. People love the track and there's nothing better than sitting in the corner and making the most of it. 

However, there is no hard and fast rule that says corner sofas must be used in the corner of the room. Make sure your room looks bigger than it is, because a corner sofa usually means that a few separate chairs are needed. 

If you have a large living space that needs filling and would like to get the most seats in a small room, consider an angled corner sofa. If you love the classic design of an unbuttoned sofa, but are looking for something with more space to stretch out, then a Chesterfield corner sofa is just what you need. Check out our guide on how to get corner sofas into your home if you have a narrow door or hallway. The chaise longue style is exactly what you are looking for, unless you want a compact corner sofa. 

If you have a small house, you can get the desired legroom and stay relatively compact. Corner sofas are perfect for sharing without sacrificing comfort, especially when more than one of you needs peace and quiet. The foam and feather cushions are comfortable and the corner sofa is perfect for one or two people to really lie down and relax. If you like to stretch and relax for hours, a formal sofa may be something for you, but it also gives you the extra legroom you want if you have smaller homes. 

Modular corner sofas offer great flexibility and ensure that you maximize every inch of your living space. You can choose the style of cushion, seat and sofa arms and even the type of foam you choose to choose a soft seat or a firm seat. They can be chosen to best suit your room, but they are also available in a variety of colors and sizes. 

On a more practical level, this also means that you can use our custom design to your own unique specifications. You should carefully consider a range of options, including color, size and of course comfort, to fit the finished piece into the room situation where your custom-made furniture will find a long home. Start by measuring the length of the room, including the walls, especially if you place the sofa in the corner of your room. Measure the depth of this room, taking into account the width of the carpets and tables that will sit in front of it. 

The corner sofa is a substantial piece of furniture and can actually make your room look bigger when used correctly. The best thing about a U-shaped sofa is that it has two corners, making it ideal for a large or even a small family room. Angular corner sofas offer flexible seating that is ideal for a family home, especially if many want to relax in front of the television. Corner sofa are ideal for the whole family without squeezing anyone, and they are a great choice for families with small children. 

If you have chosen the size and style of your corner sofa, it is time to find a beautiful fabric that completes the design perfectly. The fabric you choose for your corner sofa is the best adapted to the room and also offers the comfort of a family room. As key pieces of furniture, on which you can see family and friends sitting, lying down or curling up all the time, corner sofas will scream for a fabric that will wear out well over time. You can mark the dimensions of a new sofa floor by using tape to see if it fits. 

If you want to know how to best maintain your corner sofa, try our detailed sofa cleaning and maintenance guide. 

At BenchMade Modern, we work with you to design custom sofas and chairs for you without the need for any cost for finished models elsewhere. We will be happy to contact you or call you to offer you the services we offer to design your own sofa or chair, which is completely unique to you. 

Each fabric of our sofa range is individually tailored to the needs of each customer. You can request any fabric and apply it to any sofa you order, giving you the freedom and creativity to choose the sofa that is right for your home. You can also create a select number of leather sofas, choose from a range of colors and choose from a variety of different materials such as leather, wool, cotton, silk, polyester and more. 

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